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Our environmental policy

Environmental Policies at the Company’s Plant:

  1. Commitment to comply with requirements in Law and all the standards and conditions pertaining to environmental quality, health and safety.
  2. Commitment to full cooperation with the competent authorities responsible for the environment, which includes the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the local municipal environmental unit.
  3. Commitment to full cooperation with the competent authorities responsible for health and safety.
  4. The Company’s management is committed to preventing safety failures and preventing environmental pollution during manufacturing and storage.
  5. Commitment to preventing environmental and safety hazards in manufacturing processes.
  6. Implementation of the rules of safety that prevent and reduce the risk of creating environmental hazards.
  7. Adoption of advanced technologies to prevent safety hazards, reduce environmental pollution and save resources such as energy and water.
  8. Commitment to constantly improve the reduction of effects on the environment.
  9. Commitment to integrate environmental and safety considerations into the manufacturing processes.
  10. Commitment to the assimilation of environmental policies at every level in the company and by the Company’s employees.
  11. The Company shall encourage its employees to assimilate environmental education.
  12. Assimilation of environmental and safety policies by the Company, its suppliers and its customers.
  13. Recognition of the principle of sustainable development – Natural resources are public assets. They belong to the community and future generations.
  14. In its business decisions, the Company aims to reach the proper balance between economic development and protection of the environment.

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