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Powder electrostatic painting

Oven Baked Electrostatic Powder Painting

  • The paint line is an industrial metal paint shop specializing in oven baked electrostatic painting and it has one of the largest ovens in the country.
  • The plant’s quality control system is ISO 9001 certified.
  • The plant has the knowledge and the technology to paint an extensive range of metals: Galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Painted Products:
Light poles, grilles, railings, construction elements, electricity poles, antennae and many other metal items.

Maximum Dimensions for Painted Products and Items:
Length: 12 m
Width: 0.8 m
Height: 2.0 m
Weight: Up to 800 kg per unit

  • Iskoor galvanizing services offer a unique advantage in Israel.
    The hot zinc galvanizing plant and the paint plant are under one owner, there is one management and they are located on the same site.
  • Lower transportation costs and a comprehensive warranty that includes both the galvanizing and the painting.
  • Hot zinc galvanizing provides an excellent solution for the protection of steel against rusting. However, the combination of galvanizing and painting – the Duplex System – is the solution for architects’ aesthetic requirements and provides additional preparation.
  • Research and experience in the field tell us that the life cycle of a Duplex System reaches up to twice that of each separate system.

The Advantages of Powder Painting over WetPaint:

  • Excellent finish quality
  • High resistance to mechanical damage
  • High resistance to UV radiation
  • Controlled, industrial process
  • Not affected by the weather, uniform paint depth applied in a closed environment
  • Excellent adhesion of the paint to the galvanized surface
  • Application of a single layer with a depth of up to 80 micron
  • Can be used and assembled immediately after painting without any need for drying time

Painting Process:  

Inspection on receipt 
Removal of marks
Washing with water
Drying in the oven
Automatic painting using powder
Oven curing
Removal from the oven and packaging
Final inspection

Technical Specification:
Technical specifications are available for all types of electrostatic painting.

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