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Stainless steel

Stainless steels are steels with high chrome content, which provides the steel with very high resistance to corrosion and a hard surface resistant to wear.


With those properties, stainless steel is suitable for uses such as manufacturing ovens, equipment for the chemical, food and textile industries.

Stainless steel is available in a range of surface finishes:

 Surface Quality Description of Surface Uses                
BA Very shiny, polished, cold rolled steel  Household goods,washing machines
2B Smooth or matte, cold rolled steel Food industry, vehicles, containers
2D Matte, hot rolled steel with oxidizing treatment Mainly for industry
F4 Shiny, polished, cold rolled steel Kitchens, elevators
NO1 Rough, hot rolled steel thicker than 5 mm Industry


Sheets Supplied from the Roll:

 Type Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
304 8-0.6 1000,1220,1250,1500 As required
304L 8-0.6 1000,1220,1250,1500 As required
316 8-0.6 1000,1220,1250,1500 As required
316L 8-0.6 1000,1220,1250,1500 As required
430 1.5-0.3 1000,1220,1250,1500 As required


Sheets Supplied from Plates:

Type Thickness (mm) Width (mm)
304 8-0.6 2000X1000, 2500X1250, 3000X1500
304L 8-0.6 1000,1220,1250,1500
316 8-0.6 1000,1220,1250,1500
316L 8-0.6 1000,1220,1250,1500
430 1.5-0.3 1000,1220,1250,1500


Strips can be supplied in the widths and diameters required.

Length and Width: 0.5 mm

Thickness: 10%

Steel Composition:


  -חסר תמונה


Mechanical Properties and Uses:


-חסר תמונה-


Mechanical Properties and Uses:


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