Flame and Plasma Cutting

Flame and Plasma Cutting Service Center
A modern cutting system, one of the most state-of-the-art in Israel including computerized flame and plasma cutting lines.
Cutting with flame of:

carbon steels up to thickness of 200 mm
stainless steels up to thickness of 50 mm.
on plate measurements of up to 7000 X 13,000 mm.
Plasma cutting (high-definition) with great precision of all types of stainless steels, carbon steels, aluminum, copper etc. Unique combination of cutting and drilling.
Cutting steels ex stock:          
 Carbon steels of 52-ST quality in thicknesses of 3 mm-100 mm.
 Carbon steels of 37.2-RST quality in thicknesses of 2-150 mm.
 Stainless steels in 304L, 316L quality, up to thickness of 40 mm.
 Anti-erosion steels - of the highest quality in the world - QUARD X 400, QUARD X 500 to thickness of 100 mm.
Service package:
Performing high-quality works for the entire variety of metal plants in Israel.
 Performing plasma and flame cutting, drilling, screwing, roll forming, bending, galvanization and painting.

 Transport to the customer site.

• Rapid supply times.

Characteristic hardness of this type is BHN 400 (varies according to different thicknesses).
This steel is easily worked (drilling, screwing, milling, welding etc.). There is no need for prior heating except for welding of great thicknesses.
According to the manufacturer's instructions (from the catalog) care must be taken not to overheat beyond 175-200°C, since this might damage the steel properties.


Its BHN is 500. Similar uses but the higher hardness level leads to high endurance.
Serves principally for skips for transporting stones - boulders.

Another type is QUARD 550 and QUARD 601. These two types have very high hardness and you must check their suitability with the manufacturer.

Different uses can be seen in tools for earthworks, quarries, mines, road paving, excavation of tunnels, crushing stones, trees etc.

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