Roll forming and punching

Roll forming machines
The roll forming process is carried out on cold steel. In this process products are manufactured from carbon steel, painted or galvanized steel.
During the manufacture punching can be carried out according to the customer's request and drawing.
Roll forming can be used for products up to a length of 13,000 mm.

Some of the range of products manufactured by these machines: 
Iskoorit Alpha and Delta models.
Beams (plates) from hot-rolled sheet or galvanized sheet.
 Flexdeck concrete pouring forms from galvanized sheet.

Piers and rails for gypsum floors.
Gutters for industrial buildings.
Flat sheet straightener
Light straightener:
This line straightens flat sheet and rolls its edges.
The sheet measurements for straightening are: thickness from 2- 6 mm and width from 20-100 mm and length from 600-9000 mm.

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