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Steel Roof Tiles

Agencies and Exports
The Agencies Department acts as exclusive representative of the suppliers that it represents and for which it works as their agent.
The sale is carried out, approved and concludes with delivery of import documents to the customer for clearance by the customer.
In the Agencies Department various materials and products can be ordered by direct import, for instance:
Different types of flat steels, prestressing cables and wires for concrete, metal tiles etc.
The modern tiled roof
Harvey Roofing Products    WWW.HRP.CO.ZA.
The company manufactures unique quality steel roof tiles with relatively high advantages in comparison with other types of roof tiles.
The tile is lightweight, about 1/6 of a clay roof tile, it is also better insulated, unbreakable and waterproof.
Precise planning, slight incline, effective and easy installation of new roofs and replacement of old roofs. 
The tiles are coated with silicate and/or natural stone in various colors that do not fade + special anti-fungi coating.
The tile is sold worldwide and meets international noise, insulation and fire standards.
The tile has a 30-year manufacturer's warranty.






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