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Prestressing Cables

Agencies and Exports
The Agencies Department acts as exclusive representative of the suppliers that it represents and for which it works as their agent.
The sale is carried out, approved and concludes with delivery of import documents to the customer for clearance by the customer.
In the Agencies Department various materials and products can be ordered by direct import, for instance:
Different types of flat steels, prestressing cables and wires for concrete, metal tiles etc.
The best prestressing cables and wires in the world
The prestressing cables serve for prestressed concrete which is a kind of reinforced concrete in which the reinforcement means are used to create an artificial load on the element, and this artificial load opposes the element's service loads and in fact offsets part of them. Prestressed concrete beams are generally used for building bridges or coverings bearing great loads over large spans.

The concrete's artificial load is called tension, and is usually obtained by adding tensile stresses to the reinforcement of the element, before applying the service loads. If the prestressing is before casting of the structural element it is called "pre-tensioned", if it is performed after building of the element, it is called "post-tensioned".
SCAW METALS- HAGGIE RAND, South Africa, www.scaw.co.za 
The company manufactures prestressing cables and wires which we have supplied to the Israeli market for 25 years and which have served for tensioning beams and plates in many of the bridges and buildings in Israel.
The manufacturer is approved by the Israeli Standards Institution.
The prestressing cables are manufactured and supplied in various diameters:
9.53, 11.11, 12.5, 12.7, 15.2, 15.7 mm. Bare and/or grease coated.
In addition prestressing wires in diameters of 5, 6.35 mm.


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