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Hothouses and Building Parts

Hothouses, shadehouses, fences, hen houses, tunnels, signposts
In the Elements Department a variety of products are manufactured for agricultural structures - hothouses, shadehouses, hen houses etc.
 Additional processing is also carried out.
A description of the activities performed in the department is presented below:
1. Hothouse gutters 
2. Precision cutting of profiles and pipes.  
3. Crushing and punching of end of pipe.  
4. Bending end of pipe (socket plug).  
5. Hardening of pipes and profiles   
6. Punching of pipes and profiles   
7. Complementary accessories for agricultural buildings  


Processing capacities
Various elements can be manufactured at the customer's request.
Cutting services for profiles and pipes
Pipe cutting - in diameters starting from 1/2" to 3".
Cutting square and rectangular profiles from steel in measurement starting from 10*10 to 95*95 mm.
Thicknesses - up to 3.25 mm.
Supply of lengths according to the customer's requirements, without waste!  (With prior coordination.)
Profile without shaving (without filing).
Packing according to the customer's needs.
Very rapid supply time!
Hothouses and agricultural structures.
Light locksmiths work
Heavy and light storage facilities.
Length +/- 0.5.
Perpendicularity of the section 0.5.




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