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Highway Guardrails

Iskoor - producer of Easy Rail, the new generation guardrail developed by V&R, Germany.

The Iskoor Group operates Israel's largest metal and steel service and processing centers.
The company is part of the Macsteel Group, one of the largest international steel conglomerates engaging in worldwide trading and processing of steels.
V&R has been studying the subject of road safety for over 40 years.
Its many years of experience in investigating traffic accidents led V&R to upgrade and adapt the existing guardrails to the safety requirements of the contemporary state-of-the-art vehicles with maximum protection of the passengers' lives on the road.
V&R developed the Easy Rail system in order to obtain a high safety and absorption capacity with a simpler and modular system.
The Easy Rail system incorporates all the features of the existing RAL systems and includes fundamental improvements.
The result - the N2-W2 and H1-W3 tests passed by the system - is admirable!
The new Easy Rail guardrail was designed, tested and inspected pursuant to the EN 1317 European Standard and obtained high results at the ASI-A accident severity level.
Iskoor very successfully passed the strict requirements of the German V&R company for production of the most advanced guardrails of their type in the world, Easy Rail, and passed the European Standard tests.
The Easy Rail system is approved by the Ministry of Transport and the road authorities in Israel.


The Easy Rail guardrails are characterized by several outstanding properties that allow an optimal solution.
Quality of the Steel
It is characterized by the highest flexibility and strength of the common steels and can stop heavy vehicles.
The quality and optimization of the material significantly reduce the damage in the event of an accident.
Weight of the rail
The Easy Rail guardrails are of minimum weight in comparison with existing systems (see table), the profile thickness of the rail is 2.5 mm.
The system has modular elements that can be used in all the diversity of models according to the road route, so that the system allows maximum saving in inventory and in simplicity of assembly.
Easy installation
The system guarantees simple and rapid installation, and allows continuous installation with significant saving in installation time.
The system is made up of uniform items and reduces the need for transition units.
Small work interval
For purposes of effective planning of the road route, obtaining maximum margin and as wide as possible lanes with saving in investment in infrastructures and costs of clearing the way, transferring electricity and water facilities and the need for land expropriations.
Storage and transport
The simplicity of all the parts of the system considerably reduces the cost of storage and conveying to the work site.
Connection to the RAL systems
Minimum transition units that can be easily connected to the RAL systems known in Israel for maintaining of the continuity, for maintenance of the existing systems.
Made in Israel product
Available stock including warranty and troubleshooting service during execution by a large and reliable Israeli company.
Kiryat Gat Industrial Area, P.O. Box 428, Zip Code 82103, tel: 08-6878444, fax: 08-6878412, e-mail: iskoorhq@iskoor.co.il
Warehouse and customer service center for guardrails:
Ramla Industrial Area, P.O. Box 555, Zip Code 72104, tel: 08-9270210, fax: 08-9241344, e-mail: er@iskoor.co.il

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