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Company Profile

The Iskoor Group operates Israel's largest metal and steel service and processing centers.

The Group imports, processes, rolls, coats and distributes 400,000 tons per annum of steels and metals, with a turnover of over one Billion Shekels .

The company, which was established in 1973 is one of the largest steels and metals companies in Israel.

Iskoor works through six business units, specializing in the different market segments in order to provide the most efficient and professional service.

Flat steels and metals service centers equipped with state-of-the-art steel shearing, cutting, rolling and bending equipment.

A chain of steel storehouses deployed throughout Israel, for long products, steel beams and bars, profile iron bars, building iron rods, plates, and sheets.

Manufacturing plants for welded pipes and profiles in a wide variety of measurements and qualities.


Flame and plasma cutting systems for heavy plates and sheets.

Non-ferrous Metals Division specializing in aluminum and stainless steel products.

A hot dip steel and metal galvanizing and painting plant.

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