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Non-ferrous metals

Non Ferrous Metals


Iskoor  is one of the leading, experienced and professional Companies in the Israeli market dealing mainly in Stainless Steel and Aluminum.


The Company supplies products manufactured by leading producing mills worldwide.


Our customer list is comprised of a variety of metal consumers in the household, construction, aviation, governmental, and processing trading sectors.


The Company holds a large and diversified inventory, allowing a quick and efficient response to customer requirements.


Materials supplied ex stock are:

¥   Aluminum in coils, sheets, strips and circles.

¥ Aluminum in plates (including cut to size) for machining.                                               

¥ Stainless steel in plates, coils, sheets (including decorative), strips,bars and tubular  products.



Furthermore, we supply a variety of special products (not held regularly in stock) according to customer’s demands, such as

¥         Aluminum ingots, billets, foils for various end uses

¥         Aluminum in aviation qualities

¥         Stainless steel in special qualities and sizes




The company conforms to strict international quality standards and is an approved supplier to most of the quality demanding industries.


Serving and supplying all metal consuming sectors with:


Stainless Steel – in a wide range of qualities and surface finishes.

¥       Plates.

¥       Coils.

¥       Sheets.

¥       Strips.

¥       Disks.

¥       Bars (Round, flat, angles).

¥       Tubes & Pipes.





Aluminium                                                   ¥       Plates. 

¥       Coils – bare and prepainted.

¥    Strips – bare and prepainted

¥  Circles.

¥       Foil.





Processing Services                                  

¥       Flattening and cut to length.

¥       Cut to Size.

¥       Slitting.

¥       Embossing.

¥       Roll Forming.

¥       Plastic Coating.

¥       Plasma Cutting.



Stainless steel

Special steels

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